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Freckled Fox Design Co. is a small, Christian-based company located in Forsyth, Georgia and run by owner and artist, Lola Harmsen.
Started in October 2017, Freckled Fox Design Co. strives to deliver the highest quality of artwork and customer service.



As a Christian-based company, we will work our hardest to provide products and services that reflect our values. We strive to share the love of Christ through everything we do, whether we are creating a custom piece or providing customer service.
We value:

  • Timely & Kind Service

  • Positive Customer Experience

  • Moral Business Practices

  • Supporting the Community


Our goal with everything we do is to serve and love the community. One way we are doing this is through our monthly Charity and Community Drive. We donate 10% of every month's profit to a local charity that is working to better the community around McDonough, Georgia. Your purchase not only supports our small business, but also the community around us!

Below you can find our current and previous charities!

This Month's Organization:

Operation Lunchbox

Past Charities

​​We have been blessed enough to support many different charities and causes, including:

- Operation Lunchbox

- Veteran's Service Group of McDonough

- Haven House

- A Friend's House

- Angel Tree Ministries

- Random Acts of Kindness

- AWANA Clubs in Henry County

- Whispers of Love Uganda

- Wreaths Across America

Have an organization you would like us to support? Please contact us!

our goal


Hi there! Welcome!

My name is Lola and I am the artist and owner here at Freckled Fox. I started Freckled Fox in October of 2017 with no plan, no products, and not even a name! All I knew was I was being called to create and to serve with my talents, so I trusted God and went with His plan. What a good decision that has turned out to be! I'm so glad you're here and look forward to serving you through my art soon. 

a little more about me....

  • I LOVE Capital Tacos in Tampa, Florida. It is the best and I would make the drive just to eat there, seriously. 

  • Sunsets are my favorite! I love seeing them and what a beautiful reminder of God's handiwork that they are.

  • I enjoy listening to talk radio and podcasts… maybe I’m secretly an old man?? Who knows. I really enjoy listening to those who make me think on my commute and when I’m working!

  • Halloween!! It is the best holiday. Pumpkins, costumes, candy, what more is there to want?

  • Adventure is my motto... At the beginning of 2020, I decided my new motto would be adventure, in whatever form I can get it. Hiking, camping, a day out, anything to see something new and eat some good food!!

  • I have my Associate’s Degree in Consumer Economics, and will soon get my Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship & Marketing. I cannot wait to learn how to make the business even better!

Thank you so much for visiting my corner of the internet + I can't wait to serve you!

                                                       -Lola :)

my pumpkin carving!
graduation from Southern Crescent!
Me in the North GA mountains, my happy place!! tacos. the greatest place to exist.
in the mountains, they make me a little happy!
at UGA stadium in Athens!
Providence Canyon in Georgia


Local Entrepreneur

In December 2020, Lola was voted Best Local Entrepreneur of the Year in the Henry Herald's Best of the Best Competition! Here is her statement about the recognition:

"Thank you so much to everyone who has supported Freckled Fox and me! I am so grateful for you, and the impact you've allowed me to make on this community with your help. I look forward to many more years of supporting Henry County and serving happy customers all over the world!"

 -Lola Harmsen, Freckled Fox Design Company

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